Online Presentation of Model Legal Research and Writing Courses

On March 13, international and national experts engaged by the USAID New Justice Program presented the model Legal Research and Writing Course in Ukrainian for first-year students and Legal Writing in English Course for third- and fourth-year students.

Experts aimed model courses at developing students’ competence to research and understand the sources of law, identify legal problems, and analyze them to apply the appropriate legal source to specific circumstances of the case when resolving a conflict. An important practical component of the courses is teaching students to prepare draft documents that provide a logical and consistent presentation of ideas. Additionally, the Legal Writing in English Course is designed to help students understand, translate, and practice foreign legal sources and terms. As foreign legal terminology reflects the country’s legal system’s specific features, which may differ to some extent from the system in Ukraine, the course materials also provide a comparative approach, as it is directly related to the understanding of the terminology in particular legal systems.

Original video in Ukrainian is available here.

Live video broadcast in Ukrainian is available on the USAID New Justice Program Facebook page at the link.