Resulting video on #InnovateLegalAid

Access to justice for each citizen is an important priority for a free legal aid (FLA) system in Ukraine. The USAID New Justice Program provided support to the Legal Innovations NGO, which, in partnership with the Coordination Center for Legal Aid Provision and PRAVOKATOR legal club, launched a half-year project on “Innovations for free legal aid system,” or #InnovateLegalAid for short, in January 2021.

#InnovateLegalAid is a project where FLA system experts had an opportunity to understand and solve the existing problems of access to justice and limited access to quality legal services through the implementation of innovative approaches in their day-to-day operations. Under the project, 30 FLA system experts from 14 regions of Ukraine within one month have participated in intensive trainings on basics of innovative management, team hackathon, four mentoring sessions, and had an opportunity to receive support from leading experts.

On June 22, 2021, the participants presented eight innovative solutions to complex problems of the FLA system – from eliminating lines to creating possibilities for clients to receive FLA services beyond centers’ working hours.

This resulting video is dedicated to the #InnovateLegalAid project and useful experience obtained by each of the participants and partners of the project.

To learn more about the project, follow the link.